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Community of Practice Meetings - QT

11.00am-4.30pm People & Culture CoP - QT
11.00am-4.30pm Disability Housing CoP - QT
11.00am-4.30pm National Compliance CoP - QT
11.00am-4.30pm Operations Roundtable – QT

6.45pm-8.30pm Parliamentary Welcome Reception - Mural Hall – Australian Parliament House
9.15pm CEO, Principal Supporters, International guests meet and greet - QT Skyline Lounge


Annual Member Exchange – QT

Morning Addresses

Concurrent Sessions
Member Best Practice Showcase – PowerHousing CHPs for Growth: Building Resilient Australian Communities (Final speakers and program to be announced)

Concurrent Session 1 – CHP/Industry Growth (CEO, CFO, NED delegates)
This session will consider the success of the NHFIC model to date and some insights from the IHP Global Asset Class work on international best practice of environmental, social and governance investment. Future opportunities for affordable housing investment feature here.

Concurrent Session 2 – Business Efficiency & Optimising on Strengths (Operations, Development & Assets, People & Culture, Compliance delegates)
Australia is about to go through the largest drop in new housing construction and supply ever, and social housing built by state governments continues to decline. This session will look at the potential for scale partnerships for CHPs to engage developing, building and managing affordable housing to fill undersupply.

Concurrent Session 3 – Operational structures for social impact – Resilience and well being (All Roundtable/Community of Practice Members & Marketing and Communications delegates)
This session will consider how PowerHousing members need to consider the growth, complexity and the changing requirements of our organisations to provide best practice for our staff and tenants. It will examine the work of Beyond Blue and particularly the tools needed to support our field workers to assist our tenants both onsite and within our workplaces.

Concurrent Session 4 –Federal Focus, Yield Gap and Future Finance Strategies (CEO, CFO, NED delegates)
This Exchange Session will consider the role of CHPs in delivering social and affordable housing. The positioning of the Sector in an emerging global investment class, future yield gap strategies as well as Federal Government programs is also considered here.

Concurrent Session 5 – Sustainable Management Innovations (Operations, Development and Assets, People & Culture delegates)
Managing and working within resilient CHPs that provide the best practice social outcomes orientated around social and affordable housing requires strong support of systems including IT. This Exchange Session considers the tech innovations that are to make our businesses better and considers the high level resilience against cyber threats of our Sector Members against industry benchmarks.

Concurrent Session 6 – NDIA and scale delivery of SDA – (Disability Housing, Compliance delegates)
Specialist Disability Guidelines are now released, the build rate of new SDA dwellings needs to ramp up to meet the requirements of those SDA recipients and with aged care and disability recommendations coming out, the roll-out of solutions and particularly the SDA needs ongoing effort and the coordination. This exchange session will consider the updates to the SDA process and the future steps to delivering scale appropriate housing for this part of our community.

Networking Lunch
CHP Sector Networking Lunch and Sector Tradeshow

Afternoon - Concurrent Think Tanks
Each Think Tank brings together the International Keynote Speakers, national Affiliate and Associate expertise with that of our Members to structure next steps and strategies for engagement.

1. Future sustainable sector growth: Property Transfer, BtR and the Global Asset Class (CEO, CFO delegates)
This session will explore 30 years of financial yield gap support in the US and lessons for Australian affordable housing entering the Global Asset Investment Class.
Think Tank considerations:
• Optimum partnership arrangements, in equity and debt
• How do these blended relationships evolve in the future?
• Who are the experts to be involved in the equity piece that are not currently in the network?
• What type of information will investors want to see emerge to provide confidence in investing into an Australian
affordable housing vehicle?

2. Emerging Communities: Future trends in city partnerships (All delegates)
This session will look at universal design, livable housing, Specialist Disability Accommodation and the importance of
building resilience into communities at first principle.
Think Tank considerations:
• 'Life Opportunities' are where resilient housing, neighbourhoods & policy come together
• Un-affordable challenges stem largely from macromisalignment of policy and market demand
• The P3 process is a tool that can provide greater affordable outcomes for CHPs today
• Building consensus early and often creates better outcomes
• How other approaches such as City Deals can achieve better outcomes for building resilient communities

3. CHP structures and sector positioning for change: Well being Resilience (Operations, People and Culture, Marketing & Communications delegates)
Being proactive around staff mental health and wellbeing is an essential part in building our capacity to create greater social impact in Australian communities. This session will look at Beyond Blue and the Black Dog Institute's work in this area including BDI supports and training, as well as equal opportunity for women in the workforce.
Think Tank considerations:
• In a rapidly growing sector, what challenges do we face in being able to support wellbeing across our workforce?
• What methods or programs are available to mitigate these challenges?
• Black Dog Institute research has identified that women experience higher levels of anxiety under the age of 25. As
we increase the push for diversity and gender equality, how can we support young women who may suffer as a result of the need to succeed?
4. Non-Executive Directors meeting (NEDs)
Non-Executive Directors will meet to consider broader governance and sector strategies for future resilience.

5. Rising Stars Immersion: Professional Development session (Rising Stars)

CHPs for Growth: Building Resilient Australian Communities – National Agenda Roundup
State by State perspectives and Q&A around the next steps on the key conference issues of the day.

6.15pm - Pre-Awards Dinner Drinks - On The Deck at National Museum of Australia
7.00pm - PowerHousing Australia National Awards Dinner – National Museum of Australia


Roundtables - Australian Parliament House and QT

8.30am-2.45pm CEO Roundtable - House of Representatives Alcove
9.00am-3.00pm CFO Roundtable - QT
9.00am-3.00pm Development & Assets Roundtable - QT

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