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PowerHousing Academy Scholarships
and National Awards

The 2022 PowerHousing Academy Scholarships and National Awards are designed to showcase the individuals and teams amongst our membership who have gone above and beyond to support their colleagues and tenants.

PowerHousing will be celebrating the staff in our organisations who have brought people together, supported each other and have done whatever they can to enhance the lives of their colleagues, tenants and the organisation – no matter how big or small.

The 2022 PowerHousing Academy Scholarships and National Awards provides an opportunity for members to showcase their staff and their achievements. The awards acknowledge our sector and the community at large, as well as highlighting the
difference that PowerHousing members make to the lives of tenants, local communities and our nation.

Award winners will be announced at the PowerHousing Academy Scholarships and National Awards Ceremony on 22 November 2022 at The National Arboretum, Canberra. Member organisations are welcome to purchase Awards Dinner tickets for nominated individuals or program representatives to attend the Awards ceremony and function if they do not plan to attend the

Individual Awards:

1. Outstanding Achievement Award & Scholarship

2. Rising Star Award & Scholarship Immersion

3. Excellence in Customer Service and Business Support Award & ‎‎ Scholarship

Team Awards:

4. Tenant Engagement and Social Inclusion Award

5. Team Leadership and Culture Award

Organisational Awards:

6. Constructing: Modernisation in a Built Form Development Award

7. Collaborating: Government Program Collaboration Award

8. Connecting: Business Partner Award

Industry Recognition Award

9. Outstanding Sector Leadership Award

Awards Information & Nomination Forms

PowerHousing National Awards Nomination Information

PowerHousing National Awards Nomination Form

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